Who Do You Outsource?

Who Do You Outsource?

Who Do You Outsource? 

Today I tackle this question, as I find that I am asked this question several times. The answer will surprise you.

If you do not know what the term “outsource” means, it is another term for “hire.” You pay someone else for his/her services because you either struggle with an element of network marketing, or you have too much to do already, so you pay someone to help you with that work you do not get done. It can be for many different types of things.

In the video below, I answer a common question in which I find in my spam queue. I hope my answer helps those who have asked this question, as I coined this blog post “an unnatural post” from what is normally covered on this blog. But if I can help you with this, I will be happy to.

Who Do You Outsource? (Video):


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