Improve Your Mindset

Improve Your Mindset

Mindset Defined:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines mindset as:

  1.   a mental attitude or inclination

  2.   a fixed state of mind

2 Theories of Mindset:


There are two theories of mindset, Fixed and Growth, in which was proposed by a Stanford University psychologist, Carol S. Dweck. Her theory of mindset is defined as


“as a way to understand the effects of the beliefs that individuals hold for the nature of intelligence.  This in turn has implications for learning and education.”


A fixed mindset (personality and traits) is set in stone; a growth mindset is influenced by and learned through training and education, which improves the personality and character traits of a person.

To Improve Your Mindset:

aaeaaqaaaaaaaamuaaaajgixnjexndk2lwvlngitndviny05nzy3ltjmywexytqzymmymaYour desires and ambition in life are influential keys to your success, whether it is a personal or professional success, or both. To be able to become successful, you must have a positive outlook on life. If you are in a negative state, you will not be as successful as you want to be. Your negative attitude towards yourself and your life will attract the same attributes in others, which will make you feel less of a person and more negative.

To improve your mindset, ask yourself what put you in that negative state you are in and what you need to do to become a more positive person. Do you know how to become a more positive person? You need to change your fixed mindset to a growth mindset, but before you make that step, you must first accept that you need to change yourself for the better. Then take the following steps to change and improve your mindset.

1. Put yourself first. This is not egotistical; this is self-love.

2. Write down in a journal your emotions, your feelings, and why you feel that way. Include what happened to make you feel this way.

3. Write down action steps, baby steps, in which you need to make to improve and better the situation that put you in that emotional state.

4. Make this journaling of your emotions, feelings, and action steps a daily routine.

5. After creating and continuing your emotional journey in a journal, write down a gratitude list, in which you are grateful and thankful for. And you want to do this on a daily basis.

“I am so happy and grateful that I have… (or create something better to help you improve your mind and relationships).”

6. Create a powerful mantra, a chant, which will help you improve your mind. Write your top five negative emotions, feelings, and / or attitudes, reverse them into a positive statement, and make that your mantra for thirty continuous days. After thirty days, change it up. This will not only improve your mind, but also your goals, ambition, desires, and motivation in your life.


7. Meditate for about thirty to sixty minutes. (There will be a detailed blog post on this subject in a later post).

8. Listen to, watch, or read personal development. Do this two to three times a day. It is better to listen to audio personal development in the morning, as sound stimulates and energizes your brain waves. Then read before bedtime, as reading will relax your brainwaves and body. (More on this in a later post).

9. Now that you have exercised your mind, it is time to exercise your body. You want to actually do some physical exercise. (More on this in a later post).

Doing and following these steps will not only improve your mind, but you have also created a morning daily routine!


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Embrace the power of mindset within you, for the power of your mind will set you free.






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