Honor Your Progress, Honor Your Passion

Honor Your Progress, Honor Your Passion

To be the best at what you can do, and in which you can be,

Whether you are a network marketer or an entrepreneur,

Honor your progress, honor your passion. 


To be the best everyday in every single way,

You must improve your talent, your skills, and your communication.

So, honor your progress, honor your passion.


To be the best network marketer and entrepreneur,

The things in which you do, the things in which you endure,

Make them the best in which you feel,

Even though sometimes you may fail you always want to make sure,

You honor your progress, you honor your passion. 


To be further inspired and to listen to the complete inspirational mindset, watch the video below.

Honor Your Progress, Honor Your Passion (Video):


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Embrace the power of mindset within you, for the power of your mind will set you free.






Colleen Burns

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