8 Tips for Facebook Lives

8 Tips for Facebook Lives

Today I share with you reasons and eight tips for Facebook Lives.

But first, how many of you have never done a Facebook Live? How many of you have? You have to have the right mindset to do Facebook Lives. Sometimes it can be nerve-wracking because Facebook Lives are recorded in real time, and if you mess up, the whole world can see it. Sometimes it is noticeable, other times it isn’t.

The majority of the time when you do mess up, and I can tell you, you will, you have to learn to just grin and bear it and continue on, because if you let it get to you, it can be visible and people will notice that more than the mess up. So how you react to your mess-ups in your Facebook Lives shows how strong you are or how green you are. But no matter the mess-up, continue on, because there is always room for improvements!

If you follow the eight tips for Facebook Lives listed below, you are golden, and you will rock your Facebook Lives!

8 Tips for Facebook Lives: 

1). Inform your audience that you will be doing a Facebook Live 10 – 15 minutes prior to the time you plan on doing it.

2). Ask your audience to subscribe to receive notifications when you go live.

3). Enter in a compelling description to capture audience’s attention and help them understand what the Facebook Live will be about.

4). Make sure you have a strong connection, or find a better signal. At least have a 4G connection.

5). Greet everyone and interact at the beginning and end of each section in your Facebook Live. If you do this during the middle of a certain lesson (section), it will sound weird because you can’t edit it out afterwards so you can post on your blog and redistribute on other social media sites.

6). The longer you stay on, the better the reach.

7). Be creative and do often.

8). Use Screenflow to edit your Facebook Lives so you can use them as blog posts later on.

Now there are a couple reasons why you should do Facebook Lives. These reasons I cover in the video below. To learn the reasons, watch the video below.

8 Tips for Facebook Lives (Video):

May these tips improve your Facebook Lives. Rock on!


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Embrace the power of mindset within you, for the power of your mind will set you free.






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    May you have learned something new and valuable that you can apply to your Facebook Lives.

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