Why Authenticity Attracts

Why Authenticity Attracts

Why authenticity attracts is the second most important aspect of network marketing. The first is mindset.

According to Kim Garst, there are two main reasons why authenticity attracts. It’s rare and it’s real. It’s raw and therefore it’s trustworthy. In determining your authenticity, you must know why you are in network marketing and you also must know what you stand for. Figuring out the answers to these two questions will take a lot of work, so be prepared to do so.

So why does this matter when it comes to network marketing and social media? Well, you are what attracts your tribe, and your vibe will also attract your tribe. What you attract will become your tribe, your loyal fans and also your new prospects. When it comes to prospecting new leads on social media, keep in mind of being your authentic self, because the less authentic you are, the less successful you will be.

To learn more about why authenticity attracts, watch the video below.

Why Authenticity Attracts (Video):


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Embrace the power of mindset within you, for the power of your mind will set you free.






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