3 Necessary Elements to Brand Yourself

3 Necessary Elements to Brand Yourself

In order to have a blog, you must learn to brand yourself first. And what I mean by that is you need a brand name for yourself. The best brand name you can use is your own name, unless you have a particular niche in mind in which you know you want to talk to, and weave that niche into your brand name. But it must be a brand name in which is original, authentic, and best suits your target audience’s needs.

There are three necessary elements to brand yourself, and two of them are found in your banner (header). You must have a clear photo of yourself, particularly one in which you have a smile on your face.  You also must have a tagline, which addresses who you are serving. I go into more detail about these two elements in the video below.

The third element necessary to brand yourself and for your blog is an opt-in form with a clickable image and text which states the purpose of it, addresses who it’s for, and explains the benefits of the opt-in and why it’s important for them.

In the video below you will learn more about the three necessary elements to brand yourself. Watch the video to learn the details.

3 Necessary Elements to Brand Yourself (Video):

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  1. I appreciate you all for taking the time to visit my website and liking this post. May it help you with – and improve – your blogging and branding skills.

    Have an awesome day and always be yourself!


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