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Everything You Need To Get Up And Running Using Facebook Advertising In Under 1 Hour!

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Facebook Live Studio Pro


Entrepreneurs who want Maximum Exposure for their business and Brand to generate Leads & Sales consistently on Facebook.

Entrepreneurs who want to access the most CUTTING-EDGE information, strategies and tactics working using Facebook LIVE.

Entrepreneurs that know that having access to the right methods plus a Coach (Mentor) in your corner makes a big difference in your results.

Entrepreneurs who know that creating engaging videos for your business is MANDATORY to win BIG in today’s competitive market.

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Insta Lead Magic

Get 30,000+ Instagram Followers and 21+ leads PER DAY with Instagram!

What would an extra 10-21+ leads per day for your business FEEL like? And what if I told you this strategy takes less than 20 minutes per day to execute? It’s true, it’s real, and it’s happening NOW.

Add ‘Insta Lead Magic’ to your digital training library for more exposure, more traffic, more leads, and more sales! NO TECH SKILLS (or budget) REQUIRED!

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Total Recruiting Mastery.

During this FREE TRAINING You Will Learn..

By minute 9, you will understand why most people are terrified of the telephone (and 1 quick trick to finally get over your phone fear forever)

By minute 17, unlock the SIMPLE 3-Step Process to Make More Money in YOUR Opportunity.

By minute 22, the ONE simple question you can start asking your prospects today that works on 90% of your prospects to help YOU make money… whether they join your business or not.

By minute 27, the ONE simple question you can start asking to not only re-engage your prospect, but to get red-hot referrals for your business absolutely free.

By minute 29, you will fully understand the ONLY time it is appropriate to ‘pitch your MLM’ to your prospect (this will get you more reps than anything you have ever done… ever)

* And that’s only the first half of the training! Get the Replay NOW before it’s too late…

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Ultimate Lead Generation Formula


This course is 100% focused on LEAD-GENERATION… this course will force you to TAKE ACTION and you will GET LEADS upon completion of the material.

YES, you get INSTANT & LIFETIME access to the recordings of all 6 Modules – This Lead-Gen intensive is Yours For Life!

In modules 1-3 you will learn the core fundamentals of marketing: Attraction Marketing, sales funnel basics, creating your own irresistible offers, effective follow-up, and conversions.

In modules 4-6 you will physically start getting traffic to YOUR offers, and you will GET LEADS FOR YOUR BUSINESS (even if you’ve never generated a lead before)

YES, this is the EXACT Lead Gen Formula Mark used to go from a stressed out corporate sales guy to build a list of 47,000+ laser-targeted prospects.

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Webinar Sales Magic

Discover how to sponsor an army of new reps or sell ANY offer effectively with webinars (even if you’re a little afraid to do webinars).

Because webinars convert into signups and sales better than other online medium, virtually EVERY full-time income earner in the industry does webinars. With few exceptions, you too MUST do webinars to earn a full-time income from home.

In this course, you’ll learn the proven way to become ultra-confident to do your first webinar. You’ll learn how to generate 20+ leads per day with webinars and get LOTS of eager webinar registrants and attendees (even if your leads list is small or nonexistent). And you’ll learn how to present and close sales like a pro into ANY opportunity, product or service.

Add “Webinar Sales Magic” to your training library so YOU can sponsor an army of new reps or sell ANY offer with the most effective online sales strategy, period.

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