Focus On Your Greatest Self

Focus On Your Greatest Self. How well would you rate your focus on a scale of one to ten when something tough, dark, or bad or an obstacle comes at you, and then you are not able to focus on your business? What number would that be? Is it low, or is it high? If you have a low number, then you have a very low discipline... Mindset.

5 Steps For A Successful DMO

5 Steps For A Successful DMO. In order to have a successful business, you must have a successful mindset in addition to a successful DMO. Your DMO will greatly improve your mindset and your business if you practice this on a daily basis. Mindset.

Improve Your Mindset

Improve Your Mindset. There are two theories of mindset, Fixed and Growth, in which was proposed by a Stanford University psychologist, Carol S. Dweck. A fixed mindset (personality and traits) is set in stone; a growth mindset is influenced by and learned through training and education, which improves the personality and character traits of a person. Mindset.