5 Ways to Increase Personal Magnetism

5 Ways to Increase Personal Magnetism. Five ways to increase personal magnetism spoke to me as I was learning it from Tim Erway in the Elite Marketing Pro Ignition Coaching Program. If mindset is involved in something I am learning, I am bound to love it! Mindset.

9 Ways to Improve Yourself to Change the World

9 Ways to Improve Yourself to Change the World. There are nine ways to improve yourself to change the world. The better person you are, the better you are open to changing and improving yourself, those around you, and the world. Mindset.

4 Words to Avoid in Your Daily Vocabulary

4 Words to Avoid in Your Daily Vocabulary. As a network marketer, and even as an entrepreneur, there will be days in which you experience frustration and desperation. These two words, frustration and desperation, are two of the four words to avoid in your daily vocabulary. Mindset.